Our Story

Our story begins in 1892 when great-grandaddy Teilmann left his homeland of Denmark and traveled to America at the age of 21. He settled in Philadelphia for a few years and then moved to Marion, Indiana in 1897 where he was a greenhouse grower and nurseryman.

Flowers for exhibition  Gunnar, Elisa, Uffe, Ragna

After a hailstorm destroyed the greenhouse in 1908, he and his young family moved to the National Soldiers’ Home in Johnson City. Great-grandaddy was chief gardener and landscape artist until 1911 when he and his son, Gunnar Johann Teilmann bought a greenhouse and flower shop on Market St. in downtown Johnson City.


annamarieThe business was founded as the Johnson City Floral Company and later became Teilmann’s Florist and Greenhouses. Great-grandaddy was one of the first growers in the area to cultivate poinsettias. The greenhouse also specialized in chrysanthemums, carnations, snapdragons, and potted plants. My grandfather was very interested in floral design and after studying with a Cornell University professor, became a florist, running the shop in front of the greenhouse. When the John Sevier Hotel was built in the 1920’s, the greenhouse was moved to Oakland Avenue and the flower shop relocated to 318 E. Main Street.

In the 1940’s, my uncle, Bill Teilmann took over the operation of the greenhouse after studying floriculture at Illinois University and my mother, Anna Marie Teilmann became a floral designer in the shop with her father. The name Teilmann was synonymous with quality flowers and plants in Johnson City and the surrounding area for many years. I grew up in the family business, delivering flowers on holidays and after school and working in the greenhouse in the summers.

After my grandfather’s death in 1968, the business was sold. Mother continued to work as a florist but missed running her own shop, So, in 1988, with the encouragement of her family, she opened her own business which she called Anna Marie’s Florist. I joined her several years later.

Today, along with my wife and family and a wonderful team of artists and designers, I continue in the floral tradition started in 1911. As a fourth-generation florist, Anna Marie’s Florist works to incorporate the newest trends in floral design with classical elegance and mastery developed through more than one hundred years of experience. We take deep pride and pleasure in working with an art form that is brilliant, alive, and uplifting to behold.


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